George Strait Gives It All He’s Got

George Strait Wows HaleighT With His Final Tour.

In January, I got to witness the opening weekend of George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away Tour. It was an over-the-top weekend that will forever be burned into my memory.

For starters, It was my birthday weekend. Who wouldn’t love to see King George for their birthday? I don’t know of a single soul who would pass that opportunity up! I went with some of my best friends and we loved every second of it. The fact that we were in the nose bleed section didn’t bother us at all. They’ve got a great sound system at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Martina McBride was the opening act and boy did she entertain. Yes, we were anything but close to the stage, but thankfully our ears work just fine. That woman is talented! She gave me goosebumps. I know that isn’t a shock, she’s amazingly talented. But hearing “Broken Wing” live…that damn near changed my life!

George took the stage and you would have thought there were 1 million people in the arena. Everyone went nuts, obviously. It was basically like when Dusty took the stage in Pure Country, only 10 times more intense.

Now I’ve been to a George Strait concert before, so I recognized the differences in his normal show and his Cowboy Rides Away show. This time George did a whole lot more talking. He told stories, almost before every song he would tell the audience who wrote it and why. He performed his hits in chronological order, almost as if going back in time. It was amazing.

Even though the show was almost three months ago, it seems like it was yesterday. What blows my mind even more is the fact that this Friday, April 12, I will be seeing George again!

Yes, you read that right. In a few days I will be sitting in the Verizon Arena in Little Rock (better seats this time) watching history…for the second time. What makes it that more special is that I’ll be sitting next to my Mama! The woman who helped mold my obsession, will be singing along with me as George gives it all he’s got.

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