HaleighT Reflects On 2011

To Mention All The Excitement Of 2011 Is A Hard Task, But Simply Put, It Was Awesome!

This year has been a crazy ride and I have loved every minute of it! I am so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way and even more proud of myself for taking some chances!

This week we have been focusing on the top moments of country music for the year and for me, getting this job (and in a small way becoming part of this crazy world) ranks at the top! I am honored to have met the people I have met, including all the artists who were gracious enough to give me their time to talk with them, the behind the scenes industry people who made each time possible and my employers who gave me the tools to do so! I am also so indescribably grateful for the family and friends who gave me such an abundant amount of support!

When I look back at the interviews, the beginning of our video segment and even the littlest of things I was a part of in the first 8 months here at Country Music News Blog, I get excited for the things that I KNOW our team can accomplish in 2012! I hope everyone is ready because we plan on making it even more enjoyable for you to get you country music news fix!

Thank you so much for reading my articles, especially the exclusive content (I would love to see some of you at some shows next year!)!

Everyone have a very safe and festive weekend and we will most definitely be talking to y’all next year!!!!!!!!!

About HaleighT

HaleighT grew up in rural Sallisaw, Oklahoma, completely immersed in the country music lifestyle. She works with CMNB as our field assignment journalist, gathering concert reviews and exclusive interviews from every artist she can. When she's not out on the road, she's in our web studio filming "Takin' a Break With HaleighT" a short weekly opinion and news segment that launched in 2011.