Hardy To Launch New Apple Music Country Show

Hardy is hosting a new radio series, The Fire With Hardy, airing exclusively on Apple Music’s global live-streaming radio station Apple Music Country.

Hardy To Launch New Apple Music Country Show

On the new biweekly show, Hardy will invite guests to pull up a seat around the fire and share stories and musical influences, while diving into his own personal journey as well. On the debut episode airing tomorrow (July 2), Hardy delves solo into the raw power and soul of both rock and country, bringing listeners the legends and hidden gems of the genres, and weaving personal stories and experiences that reflect their deep impact on his life and career.

“Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have been around a fire. I’ve always been intrigued at how people develop their musical tastes,” says Hardy. “Do they credit it to fond memories of their childhood? Did they discover it on their own? I wanna dig into some of my favorite musicians’, songwriters’ and producers’ brains to see what and how music influenced them to become the successful people they are today. So let’s bring that fire, to this show.”

Upcoming episodes will feature Hardy’s dad Mike, Joey Moi, Stephen Wilson, Jr. and more as guests. Fans can tune in and listen to the first episode of The Fire With Hardy live for free tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET on Apple Music Country at apple.co/TheFire. The following episodes will air biweekly on Fridays and the show will also be available on-demand for Apple Music subscribers after airing on Apple Music Country.

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