Hushabye Baby – Country Music Lullabies

Hushabye Baby takes songs from your favorite country stars like Carrie Underwood, George Strait, and Rascal Flatts and turns them into soothing lullabies for kids.

hushabye-baby-gift-box2.jpgI recently got a package from Hushabye Farms containing 4 albums of children’s lullaby music. Let me start by saying that I am IN LOVE with these albums! Each album takes songs that us grown-up country music fans know by heart, strips them down to just guitar, steel and light percussion, and turns them into the most soothing renditions possible. The CD’s are then packed with a cute story about one of the animals on Hushabye Farm, as well as a sweet recipe for baby food.

We all know that music has a huge influence on the attitude and excitement level of the people listening to it. Now you should know, The DH Ranch is chaos. We’ve got kids and animals and musicians, and goodness only knows what passing through here all the time. And no matter what, the kids are always the loudest thing on the ranch. I put the Garth Brooks lullaby album in my CD player last night and it was like someone had pushed a giant global mute button! Big Mike stopped booming his voice and hummed gently along. The kids all quieted down and just sat on their stools listening. It was crazy! I’ve never seen this ranch just slow to a crawl the way it did last night… so of course this morning I HAD to try the George Strait lullabies! I put it on a low volume coming out of the kitchen and my normally bouncing-off-the-walls 4 kids (plus whatever spare children wander in with mine) stayed low-key and calm. It was beautiful. And the best part about it is that I like the music! They were all songs I know and love, and the acoustic renditions were surprising and refreshing. I mean, who ever though “Flat on the Floor” from Carrie Underwood could be so relaxing?

At this point,  it is my opinion that every dentists office, preschool, hospital, grandma’s house, nursery, heck… EVERYONE should have the full collection of Hushabye Baby albums! I know these aren’t EVER leaving the CD player at DH Ranch!

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