Jason Rogers – CD Review

Reviews are in for Jason Rogers on his self-titled debut album and so far the outlook is good.

Jason Rogers New CD - Available NOW!!!Jason Rogers wrote or co-wrote eight of the twelve songs on his self-titled debut. Jason’s strength is definitely in song writing, but do not discount his interesting voice! This album is very well put together and rings of true country music!

Jason wrote “Breathe into Me” and it is the strongest song on the CD, his voice sounds very meaningful and his lower ranges are smooth and sexy on this love song. I would not be surprised to hear this one out there soon and on the dance floor I’d be wishing for one more verse! In “Keeps Beating On” I could feel the longing in Jason’s voice for his lost love. The ballad “Thinking About Changing” once again showcases Jason’s deep voice while his strong verses tell the story.

But what also keeps me listening to Jason’s CD are the fun songs like “It Ain’t Braggin”, “The Good Ole Days” and “Why Does Everybody Look at Me”. These fast paced fun songs may not show off a perfect voice, but the trade off is tons of personality and it just makes me smile.

Jason Roger’s CD runs the gamut from rip roaring fun to love songs to sad ballads and the unusual accent and cadence of his voice just enhance the experience. While he could benefit by strengthening his voice, I look forward to hearing more from this artist in the future!

Review provided by Anita James, a guest contributor for CMNB. For more about Jason Rogers, visit JasonRogersCountry.comCountry Music Photo Gallery

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