Interview: Krystal Keith Talks Music, College and the Country Scene

>Krystal Keith Shares About Her New Music, Getting A College Degree, and Breaking Into Country Music.

A lot of folks probably assume that when you have a famous parent, life is going to be a cake walk. Well, for Krystal Keith, having Toby Keith for a father no doubt helped open a few doors or window, but this is one new artist that is hard at work on her own terms. She recently debuted with her four song EP which features current single “Daddy Dance with Me.” The song was originally written for her father, but it has clearly hit home for a lot of fans having already garnered over half a million views for its official video on YouTube!

While four songs is less than half of the typical full album, Krystal puts them to good use demonstrating a range vocally and musically that proves she has a lot to offer country music from touching sentiment in “Daddy” to sassy pearls of wisdom in “Can’t Buy You Money.” Amidst the delightful lyrics, Keith’s strong voice and natural twang make each track worth more than just one listen. Be sure to check it out, available on iTunes now.

While she’s hard at work prepping for her full length release, Whiskey and Lace, and getting the word out on her EP, Krystal was kind enough to take a little time to fill me on her music, the benefits of postponing a music career for college and her take on the state of country today.

Q: How did you get inspired to write the song “Daddy Dance with Me”?

I wanted a song that I could give to him, looking through all the father daughter songs, and it dawned on me, what the hell am I doing? I’m a songwriter. I never expected it to go on an album, it was originally just for him. It was just me and a piano, and it was pretty powerful.

Q: Obviously you’ve grown up in the thick of the music industry, when did you decide that you want to make music on your own?

There was never a time that I didn’t want to be musician or thought that I was a musician. Anyone that was in my living was subject to performances. I think my parents always knew it was coming, and my parents never really encouraged or discouraged it when I was younger. I started writing when I was 9 or so and my Dad saw that potential in me, I guess, and fostered that in me some.

Q: So, you’ve got this EP, what else can fans expect from you for the rest of 2013?

We’re crazy busy with the EP. I’ll spend most of the summer finalizing decisions, and launch the album and hopefully have a radio tour at the end of the summer. Then I’ll start getting back on the road, hopefully. I Toured last summer and that probably was most fun I’ve ever had with a group of friends.

Q: What’s the best thing about performing live?

The rush when you get off stage…I never get nervous, I’m not a nervous person. Its a rush when you get the reaction from the crowd.

Q: You went ahead and earned a college degree…are you glad that you didn’t jump right into the biz?

Absolutely. You look back, and you realize that your parents were right about everything, and wow, they really knew what they were doing. At 18 I had zero life experience trying to write these amazing songs, but I didn’t know anything. Then you get some real world experiences, and you know about heartbreak and work and deadlines…Dad earned a good living so we could go to college. I was not going to squander that opportunity!

Q: Speaking of the biz…There’s been a lot of talk lately about country music not being what it used to be, as someone who has had a first hand look into the industry, and who is now bringing their own voice to the table, what would you say defines “country”?

I think in short, I would say real life. I think country music in general and the history of it is really centered around normal people doing real things. The beauty of it is that you have all these really soulful writers who describe feelings that people have even if that can’t put it in words…It almost helps you feel a little bit more, helps you understand how you feel.

Q: If there was one thing that you absolutely wanted fans to know about you as a person and/or an artist, what would it be?

I hope that people will give it [her music] a chance. I have so much faith in country music and that country music fans still appreciate real country music. I don’t think that faith is ever going to go anywhere.

Q: Just for fun, what is your idea of the perfect Friday night?

Probably just a home cooked meal and a Netflix movie. I cook, so I love it, maybe even some friends over.

Krystal Keith is a lot of fun on Twitter…so be sure to keep up with her: @KrystalKeith.

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