Introducing: J. Antonette

J.Antonette’s New York meets Nashville styled country pop EP, “Paper Trail”, has created quite the buzz on the airwaves. Her singles, “Hello, Goodbye” and “Somewhere In The Middle” have already been featured on stations such as Nash FM, Big Frog 104, Kiss FM, Bug Country and more!
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J.Antonette got her start as a background singer for Grammy Award winning artist Melissa Etheridge, Jerry Wonda’s Platinum Sound Band, and since has toured with Gary Douglas in support of South Side Johnny & The Asbury Jukes. She’s most recently teamed up with NASH FM and shared the stage with a number of celebrity artists, including country top charter, Jordan Davis!


Throughout her journey, she was lead back to her country roots and created a movement called “#NYDoesCounty”.This movement rallies support around fellow New York based country artists to fight the stereotypes of what country artist are perceived to be, and supports the right to be authentically you no matter what genre you are.

“While writing my latest EP, the perceptions and expectations people had regarding what being a country artist was frustrated me. I was told I’d have to relocate to Nashville or Texas to succeed. People expected me to all of a sudden change my wardrobe because I live in New York and they felt I didn’t dress “country” enough. NYDoesCountry was an idea to challenge the misconceptions that country music success would depend on one’s location or wearing daisy dukes, flannel, or cowboy boots and have/sing with a southern drawl to be accepted fully as a country artist. Although I love those classic country ideas, there are many types of “country”. I’d rather be authentically me, than conforming just because that’s the image someone has for me. This movement goes beyond music. Your looks and locations doesn’t determine your success, you do. I was raised in a small country town in upstate New York. Why would being born in a NY country environment make me any less “country”? It’s a way of life. Afterall, country music is for the WHOLE country. We are blessed to have a choice to wake-up and be whomever we want. For me, I’m country, my clothes and location can change, country music is rooted in me.”- Jessica Antonette


Her first country music video, “Somewhere In The Middle” is set to exclusivly premiere on Big Frog 104 (website) in the beginning of May 2018. Visit for other news and tour dates!

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