JB & The Moonshine Band Beer For Breakfast Album Review

>A Quick Run Down Of How Much Bang You’re Going To Get For Your Buck When Purchasing Beer For Breakfast!

JB & The Moonshine Band recently put out their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast, with a great response and applaud from fans.

The title track is their current single and is sitting pretty in the Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart. The album as a whole has a wide variety for any mood that you could possibly be in on a particular day. At the same time, I have found it just as easy to play it through, with no skips, while sitting on the porch with a cold drink.

Kiss Me That Way” and “The Only Drug,” take care of the slower paced, love songs that we all love. “More Like My Dog” plays the humor card and “Hell To Pay” will get you rowdy and ready to swing (if need be).

Smith County Line” is one of those songs that make you think about somebody you know you shouldn’t. There is so much to say about this song, but at the same time, it’s so hard to do. Everybody just do me a favor and listen to it ASAP and you will know what I mean.

No Better Than This” and “Ride” automatically put a smile on my face when I hear them. They are the kind of songs that get you excited to call up your favorite people and have a fun-filled, simple day…nothing wrong with that!

I Don’t Care” takes me back to a little Keith Whitley tune (“Ten Feet Away“), but also gives a tip of the hat to King George with the line about the chair. Now I’m not sure if the Whitley correlation is what they intended, but I can’t get enough of this song. I dig it!

Edge Of The Road” will get you thinking, “Black And White” might make you cry and “Yes” will make you proud of where you came from (it will also probably make you want a cold beer).

I really could not pick a song that is my favorite from this album, but I can tell you that there is NOT one that I dislike. Catch these boys on the road and I promise you will have a good time! For more information on JBMB pop on over to their site and look around!

The last two songs on this album, “I’m Down” and “Perfect Girl,” are two that JBMB have already released. The boys were nice enough to share them with you, so be smart and add them to your party playlist!

Track Listing:
1. Beer For Breakfast
2. Kiss Me That Way
3. No Better Than This
4. Edge Of The Road
5. More Like My Dog
6. Hell To Pay
7. Smith County Line
8. Ride
9. The Only Drug
10. Black And White
11. I Don’t Care
12. Yes
13. I’m Down (LEX Remix)
14. Perfect Girl (Moonshine Remix)

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