What’s New? JB & The Moonshine Band Catch Up With HaleighT

An Update On What JB & The Moonshine Band Have Been Up To. This past Saturday I met up with JB & The Moonshine Band before their show at The Longhorn Saloon in Fort Smith, Ark.. It had been about a year since I had seen the guys, so it was nice to catch up. Other than fishing and gardening in their down time, they’ve been pretty busy continuing to tour and promote their album Beer for Breakfast. In case you didn’t know, that album is part of an exclusive group, being named one of the Best Country Albums of 2012 by Rolling Stone magazine. These East Texas country rockers are like a thousand other bar bands, with a crucial difference: Frontman JB Patterson can really write songs – balancing sentiment with low-key Music Row wit and driven home with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-like chime and crunch. –Rolling Stone Being praised by such an acclaimed magazine could and would make some band’s head swell, but not JBMB. “It’s awesome and I still can’t get over it,” Patterson said. “It means people are really listening.” After making their first appearance at the CMT Awards this Wednesday (June 5), the guys will be making a stop in Oklahoma on June 9 for Red Dirt Rising. The benefit, being held at The Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, Okla., is a gathering of Oklahoma and Texas musicians. The artists and bands will be lending their talents to raise money for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes that hit this past May. I know after reading all of the awesomeness that is JBMB, you’ll want to catch one of their shows pretty soon. Well… if you have any special talents you might not only see them soon, you might be on stage with them too! These guys love a good contest and their latest is “Get In Where You Fit In.” It gives people the opportunity to show off their talents and perform with the band on stage at any one of the listed shows. Hayden McMullen, lead guitar, said, “I think it’s cool that people have the opportunity to be able to get on stage and show what they’ve got.” For those of you who are fans from France, get excited! The band will be making a journey your way to headline Craponne! All I can say is JBMB are playing and headlining one night for over 15,000 people. I’d tell you more but that’s all they told me and the website is in French…but I’m sure it’ll be one for the books! Bottom line, this band is constantly growing and gaining new fans and that says something! Good work boys! Y’all watch the latest video for their current single, “The Only Drug,” now!

JB and the Moonshine Band The Only Drug-Music Video

The Official Music Video For JB & The Moonshine Band’s Single, “The Only Drug.” JB and the Moonshine Band’s current single, “The Only Drug,” has been on a steady rotation in my head since their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast, was released in 2012. The song is an easy listen with JB’s voice and the strong instrumentals behind it. The video is an emotional one and had me on the edge of my seat until the very end! I’m not really sure if the boyfriend actually did something wrong or if the three guys in the truck are just thugs. I do know that the guy playing the boyfriend is quite attractive… Watch the video below and request “The Only Drug” at your local radio stations.

JB And The Moonshine Band Kiss Me That Way-Video

The Official Music Video For JB & The Moonshine Band’s “Kiss Me That Way.” JB & The Moonshine Band has released their latest music video for their current single, “Kiss Me That Way.” The song comes from JBMB’s sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast. The love song, in my opinion, has a very hot, sultry vibe to it. But, it is also sweet and the video takes on that sweet side. “Sometimes the best way to cool off a heated argument is with a well timed kiss,” JB Patterson said in reference to the song. Watch the video for “Kiss Me That Way” below and pick up your copy of Beer For Breakfast now!

JB And The Moonshine Band Honored By Rolling Stone Magazine

JB & The Moonshine Band’s Sophomore Album Praised As A Top 5 Country Album Of 2012. It was announced a few weeks ago, but we still want to congratulate East Texas’ JB & The Moonshine Band for being honored by Rolling Stone Magazine! Their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast, was named one of the best country albums of 2012. “It always feels great when people like our music and appreciate the writing. But when it’s Rolling Stone Magazine it feels absolutely incredible.” -JB Patterson The album is great and their mention by the magazine is truly deserved! Be looking for the JBMB boys on the road and be listening for them on your local radio stations! And here’s to hoping 2013 is even more of a success for them!

JB And The Moonshine Band-Kiss Me That Way Lyric Video

The Lyric Video For JB & The Moonshine Band’s “Kiss Me That Way.” Here is the lyric video for JB & The Moonshine Band’s current single, “Kiss Me That Way.” The song comes from their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast. The song is a sweet one and can easily get stuck in your head. JBMB is currently running a contest over on their siteto go along with the single. All you have to do is enter some information and upload a picture of you and your significant other. Once you have done that you will be entered to win merchandise, tickets, meet & greets and more! Enjoy the lyric video for now and if you haven’t, pick up your copy of Beer For Breakfast. If you already have it, grab one for a Christmas present!

JB & The Moonshine Band No Better Than This Video

The Official Music Video For JB & The Moonshine Band’s “No Better Than This.” Here is the official music video for JB & The Moonshine Band’s “No Better Than This!” The song comes from their latest album, Beer For Breakfast, and is a perfect summer tune. Paige and Jeremiah from CMT’s reality dating show, Sweet Home Alabama, are the stars of the video. We see them having a blast, camping and fishing and basically living out the song. The two look so comfortable and at ease, leaving me to beleive this isn’t far from their normal routine. Beer For Breakfast is a great album as a whole and if you haven’t already, I suggest you look into getting it (Check out my review HERE)! Enjoy the video below! Get More: No Better Than This, JB and the Moonshine Band, JB and the Moonshine Band Videos

JB & The Moonshine Band Beer For Breakfast Album Review

A Quick Run Down Of How Much Bang You’re Going To Get For Your Buck When Purchasing Beer For Breakfast! JB & The Moonshine Band recently put out their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast, with a great response and applaud from fans. The title track is their current single and is sitting pretty in the Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart. The album as a whole has a wide variety for any mood that you could possibly be in on a particular day. At the same time, I have found it just as easy to play it through, with no skips, while sitting on the porch with a cold drink. “Kiss Me That Way” and “The Only Drug,” take care of the slower paced, love songs that we all love. “More Like My Dog” plays the humor card and “Hell To Pay” will get you rowdy and ready to swing (if need be). “Smith County Line” is one of those songs that make you think about somebody you know you shouldn’t. There is so much to say about this song, but at the same time, it’s so hard to do. Everybody just do me a favor and listen to it ASAP and you will know what I mean. “No Better Than This” and “Ride” automatically put a smile on my face when I hear them. They are the kind of songs that get you excited to call up your favorite people and have a fun-filled, simple day…nothing wrong with that! “I Don’t Care” takes me back to a little Keith Whitley tune (“Ten Feet Away“), but also gives a tip of the hat to King George with the line about the chair. Now I’m not sure if the Whitley correlation is what they intended, but I can’t get enough of this song. I dig it! “Edge Of The Road” will get you thinking, “Black And White” might make you cry and “Yes” will make you proud of where you came from (it will also probably make you want a cold beer). I really could not pick a song that is my favorite from this album, but I can tell you that there is NOT one that I dislike. Catch these boys on the road and I promise you will have a good time! For more information on JBMB pop on over to their site and look around! The last two songs on this album, “I’m Down” and “Perfect Girl,” are two that JBMB have already released. The boys were nice enough to share them with you, so be smart and add them to your party playlist! Track Listing: 1. Beer For Breakfast 2. Kiss Me That Way 3. No Better Than This 4. Edge Of The Road 5. More Like My Dog 6. Hell To Pay 7. Smith County Line 8. Ride 9. The Only Drug 10. Black And White 11. I Don’t Care 12. Yes 13. I’m Down (LEX Remix) 14. Perfect Girl (Moonshine Remix)

JB & The Moonshine Band I’m Down Video

JB & The Moonshine Band’s Official Music Video For “I’m Down.” Here is the video for “I’m Down,” which is track #13 on JB and the Moonshine Band’s sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast! JB and the boys are currently on Colt Ford’s Declaration of Independence tour with The Lacs, Lenny Cooper and Rehab! Click HERE for a list of those dates and other shows JBMB have coming up! Watch the video below and be looking for a review of the album in the next few days! Enjoy!

JB and the Moonshine Band Interview

JB and the Moonshine Band Talk About “Chasin Rainbows”! Hayden McMullen, Gabe Guevara, Chris Flores, and JB Patterson make up what is JB and the Moonshine Band. I first heard of these guys after a small fishing trip this spring. A close friend and country music fan played me a couple songs and said I should check into them for work. A short while later, after hearing their whole album, I decided I had to see them live. Of course the first opportunity I had was a show at my favorite venue on Dickson, George’s Majestic Lounge (they know how to pick entertainment!) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I sat with the band and asked some pretty generic questions, but was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t given generic responses! JB is very dedicated and passionate about his work and anyone who disagrees can just ask what he was doing a few years back. Even though he had a successful career in advertising, something was missing. Being more intrigued by music led him to take a chance and follow his dreams. The singer/songwriter held an open audition and had 3 people show up, it was obviously fate and the Moonshine Band was formed. Chris, Gabe, Hayden and JB have been rolling down the road ever since. JBMB is a fairly new band, they are around two years old and in what they call the “toddler” stage. They must have been watching some of those Baby Einstein videos or something because they seem to have their act together! They may not always have a packed house, but they always have a happy crowd and leave with a few more fans than they came in with. They love what they’re doing, have plenty of energy and fun on stage and this is what keeps people at their shows. JB writes all the songs for his band and helps out fellow artists when need be. Casey Donahew reached out to the front man a while back and together they wrote what is now the title track to the Casey Donahew Band’s upcoming album. JB said when you write with someone you never know how it will turn out, but he was thrilled with Casey’s excitement for their creation! “Double Wide Dream” can be heard now at www.caseydonahewband.com. I asked for some crazy stories from different shows and was told that there are plenty of stories, but sometimes its hard to keep them all straight. JB said it was more like “One big, huge, colossal show and that show is awesome!” Not only are these guys musically talented, but they are very polite and freaking hilarious! If you don’t believe me, pop on over to YouTube and check out their videos. Here is one that is particularly close to my heart (as you will see in this Friday’s episode of Takin’ A Break With HaleighT)… [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoToe8IXkgs] Their first album, Ain’t Goin Back to Jail, was released in 2010 and includes a collection of love ballads and comical, Continue reading JB and the Moonshine Band Interview