Jessie James When You Say My Name Video

Jessie James Releases New Music and a New Video.

Jessie James has released a new video for her current single, “When You Say My Name” which debuted on CMT today (you can watch it below). It had been about a year since we’d heard anything from James, so I had to take a little stroll down memory lane to remember who earlier tunes. After giving her music a listen, I could see why it was hard for me to remember her.

Jessie James isn’t really a country singer. She is a pop singer, if that. Actually, a couple months ago country music’s internet news sources were all abuzz because it had been revealed that the pop diva Katy Perry wrote her 2009 single, “Bullet“, a song that is shamelessly trying to pass for something it can’t be (a country song).

Sure, James has that throaty, country roughness thing going on in her vocals, but really, it sounds a little too forced to be genuine. Also, the details in her songs that are, I’m assuming, supposed to be the country “hallmarks” (like the strumming of a banjo), sound more like an after thought than an organic part of the song. I’m just not buying it, and if you’re on the same page with me, this video isn’t going to do much to convince you otherwise. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

Watch Jessie James’s “When You Say My Name“.

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