Jo Dee Messina Insults Chris Young On Twitter

Jo Dee Messina Lashes Out At Chris Young Via Twitter…Bad Move.

I ran across this particular news tip via Country Weekly, regarding Jo Dee Messina using Twitter to attack Chris Young, and it never ceases to amaze me that stars keep putting their feet in their mouths like this. My personal feelings about either artist aside (I’m a fan of both), when are celebrities going to realize that if you tweet, post via Facebook or otherwise publicly announce something through social media everyone can see it. Are you listening to me? Everyone. Can. See. It. And thanks to technological wonders like the screen grab, it can not be erased. This should make someone more careful about what they say, not less careful.

So, here is allegedly what happened. Jo Dee Messina “ran into” Chris Young in LA, and then apparently had such a terrible experience in this encounter she was moved to tweet the following message:

“OMG! Just saw @ChrisYoungMusic. He was ugly, arrogant and rude. Really country radio? This guys an ass.”

We obviously have no idea what transpired that caused Messina to have such a negative reaction, and since we don’t have the details, I am not going to suggest that she is necessarily wrong. I will say this though, you’re a celebrity, Jo Dee, you can’t actually say whatever you want whenever you want. Like it or not, celebrities, because of their elevated status, have louder voices and consequently what they say can have a larger impact than the average person. With 42, 347 twitter followers, putting that tweet out there is borderline reckless. A comment like that, especially one with zero context or background details at all, could potentially interfere with someone’s career. So, it really is more a professional issue than a personal issue, and the comment Messina made is entirely unprofessional.

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One Reply to “Jo Dee Messina Insults Chris Young On Twitter”

  1. Borderline reckless? Try irresponsible, mean, and nasty. If they had a conflict and she couldn’t keep it to herself, she could have at the very least said what it was, instead of going and yelling insults in public like a little kid on a playground. I’ve lost all respect for her.