John Michael Montgomery Launches!

John Michael Montgomery launches a new business venture – Album mixing and mastering at DIY rates.

Normally I don’t single out a service or business venture that gets pitched my way, but it seems John Michael Montgomery has fallen into a loophole of mine. You see, CMNB, and The DH Network as a whole, was built on a foundation of supporting up and coming DIY artists, and John’s new business venture does just that. is John Michael’s new venture. John Michael is offering a service to aspiring artists and writers providing them with a professionally mixed mastered quality recording. From experience with the thousands upon thousands of demos we get here at CMNB each year, a good, solid, professional mix can really make you stand out in a crowd.  As I have said time and time again, when making an album, mixing is where you really want to focus your effort and budget! also provides artists and songwriters with exposure to professional music companies which is an added bonus for using the service.

“I’ve put together a team of top engineers, some who have worked on my own albums, to mix recordings for,” says Montgomery. “I will also work on the mix sessions from time to time as well, and who knows, if I hear a song I really like, someone could be hearing from me personally!” is very affordable and can start as low as $99.00 for twelve tracks. Since most aspiring musicians struggle with finances, it was important to John Michael for those who want to have a professional quality recording, but not tremendous financial resources, to be able to afford this service. Affordably priced full demo packages are also available.

For more information on this new service please log on to www.montgomerymixpro.comCountry Music Photo Gallery

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  1. where do i send anything to i cant find no address for montgomerymixpro no kind of contact info