Josh Thompson Bus Crash

Josh Thompson Involved In Bus Crash In Arkansas.

Josh Thompson was involved in a minor accident while on a tour bus in over the weekend. Sunday morning, September 9th, he and his crew were apparently on their way to a show in Arkansas when the incident took place. Thompson let fans (and the rest of the world) know what happened via a tweet!

Thankfully, there were no injuries and the concert started on time!! I really think country music stars might want to consider a new form of transportation besides the iconic tour bus, though. This year alone Jerrod Niemann, Chris Youngand Lee Brice have experienced (and escaped!) bus fires while Justin Moore and Bucky Covington were involved in accidents similar to Thompson’s. Or maybe, everyone needs to be more careful when they’re on the road!!

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One Reply to “Josh Thompson Bus Crash”

  1. It’s pretty unbelievable that bus fires seem to be a ‘trend’ with fellow country singers this year. Scary stuff. Out of all of the vehicle-related incident victims, I must say, I’m SUPER excited for Niemann’s album release.

    Mostly, I’m glad that all of these musicians are okay and will be alive and well to give us more country music!

    In the words of Niemann, these guys…

    “Ain’t sweating the little things
    And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring
    But today, the sun, shinin’ on me” <–love Shinin' On Me =D

    Great vid to the song