Keith Urban’s 2009 Tour, Josh Gracin’s Telluride, Taylor Swift’s Jonas Inspiration and more!

As the holiday season kicks in, the country music news starts comin’ at ya faster. Here’s this week’s top stories:

Taylor Swift - courtesy of GACKeith Urban has already started planning his 2009 concert tour, but has not released any specific dates or locations, only that it will kick off in May. Could this be because rumors have been flying that Keith Urban MIGHT tour with Brad Paisley in the coming year? Who knows? All I know is that would be one humdinger of a concert with supporting acts including Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Dierks Bentley, Glen Campbell, Lady Antebellum and The Zac Brown Band.

Josh Gracin‘s latest single “Telluride” may be working out on the airwaves, but it doesn’t seem to be working for the fans. Josh’s remake of Tim McGraw‘s 2001 hit has been receiving negative criticism across the blogosphere, along with many of his other recent attempts at reclaiming the passionate enthusiasm that his 2005 hit “Stay With Me” originally gained. Readers, I’d love for you to weigh in on this one… Do you think Josh Gracin has the chops to stay the course, or was this American Idol really a one-hit-wonder?

Taylor Swift is rumored to be putting her heartbreak over Teen pop sensation Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers into her next series of bubble-gum sweet country music candy. Taylor has admittedly used her songwriting to openly share her thoughts and feelings about past romances, and will most likely do the same here. “I feel it’s best for me right now to be alone and write about what I’ve gone through,” Taylor told People magazine. “That’s how I deal with it. I would hate to jump into something so quickly and have it not be the right thing, because I don’t think I could take that right now.”

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2 Replies to “Keith Urban’s 2009 Tour, Josh Gracin’s Telluride, Taylor Swift’s Jonas Inspiration and more!”

  1. I’m a true country music fan and I personally believe that Josh Gracin has more talent than half of the new comers to country radio. The only reason why Gracin is getting bad reviews is because Tim McGraw fans are downright jelous that Gracin’s version is more powerful and is potentionally more sucessful

  2. Josh Gracin’s CD “We Weren’t Crazy” is AWESOME!! I am 60 years old and been listening to music seriously since I was a young teen. Josh Gracin is powerful and able to ride it out with the best of them. His song selection and production on this CD are phenomenal. Every song is a potential hit. No filler material here. He’s got a GREAT voice and powerful delivery. I have listened to this CD many times over and will continue to do so for a very long time. I don’t care what country radio promotes. I know what sounds good after listening to music all these decades. My ears and senses tell me this Josh Gracin CD is superior to most on the market. It was well worth the investment. I hope Josh keeps up the good work and surrounds himself with the right artistic management he so richly deserves. I am his devoted fan…and a 60 year old male!!