Kellie Pickler’s New Single

Kellie Pickler Releases New Single.

Kellie Pickler released her new single, “Tough” earlier this week on Monday, June 13th marking her first musical release since 2008. The single is featured on Pickler’s upcoming album of the same name which is due out Tuesday, June 21st.

Tough” is catchy with a beat which makes you want to get up and move. This is especially true if you’re a woman. In which case, this dancing may be accompanied by the occasional fist pump or shout as this song has an empowering vibe to it. One of the best lines is “there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a woman that got a little back bone.” Enough said (or sung)!

All in all, the lyrics paint a picture of a strong woman who isn’t okay with just being some man’s arm candy. It never gets old, hearing country women really embrace their strength!

If the rest of the album is as sassy and enjoyable as this single, then country music listeners are in for a treat!

Pickler is currently on tour, performing at various venues throughout the U.S.

Click here to give “Tough” a listen, and also catch a sneak peak at some of the other tracks featured on the upcoming album.

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