Kid Rock and Angaleena Presley Care

>New Video for Care from Kid Rock and Angaleena Presley

Kid Rock released the video for his current single, “Care” on Wednesday, November 23rd. Thanksgiving week is definitely an appropriate debut window for the social awareness-themed video which advocates social change at the individual level with a simple thought: just care about others. It’s a touching, relevant and interesting video which will no doubt appeal to both Kid Rock fans and those who maybe wouldn’t normally give his music a listen.

The single comes off of Kid Rock’s current album, Born Free, and the album track actually features Martina McBride. However, the video features Angaleena Presley of Pistol Annies, and she makes a good addition, for sure! As is a current trend in country music (especially those artists and songs that lean a little rock-ish), the track also gets a rap influence in the contributions of rapper T.I.

The single and its video are attached to a 12 date charity tour Kid Rock is engaged in now. With the help of business executives from his hometown of Detroit, Rock has managed to raise over 375,000 on the Care tour which will be given to local charities. The tour began November 11th, and will conclude in Boise, Idaho on December 4th.

Check Out Kid Rock’s Video for “Care” Featuring Angaleena Presley and T.I.

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  1. well whats weird to me is the left some of martina’s vocals on the video track- pretty sure cuz the pistol annies singer can’t hit those high notes and runs.