Lady Antebellum Opens for Bruce Springsteen

Lady Antebellum Opening Act for Music Legend, Bruce Springsteen!

Lady Antebellum is slated to open for the iconic Bruce Springsteen on July 14th in Hyde Park as part of the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London. It really doesn’t matter if your country, metal, folk, pop or something in between…being the opening act for Bruce is an honor for any musician, and it looks like Charles Kelly is beside himself with glee.

“It’s Springsteen … there is no entertainer we look up to more than him. I’m going to be like a little kid at Christmas watching his show. It’s the biggest honor for us to be invited to play this festival… ” -Charles Kelly

Kudos to Lady A for landing such a great opportunity! Need to brush up on The Boss? Check out his SXSW keynote speech here.

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