Lady Antebellum: What’s So Great About ‘Em?

Why Lady Antebellum Is Loved By the Industry and Fans…MissMolly’s Musings.

Lady Antebellum formed in 2006 and since has risen to popularity in a pretty short amount of time. They’ve received acclaim from both the industry (with 7 Grammy Awards, 8 CMAs including Vocal Group of the Year 2009-2011, and more!) and the fans (their debut album went double platinum and their 2nd album, Need You Now, went triple platinum), and with a new album and brand new tour for 2012, it does’t look like they’re leavin’ anytime soon!

Looking back at their rise to success though, got me to thinkin’. What is it about this trio that’s got the industry and the fans in such dither? I didn’t really have to think that hard to figure out a couple of reasons because to me, its pretty obvious. So, here you go, this is what I think is so great about ’em.

1. They Know How to Write a Song.

There really is no denying it, Lady A is a trio of talented songwriters. At least one, if not all three wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 12 tracks on Own The Night, 8 of the 11 tracks on Need You Now, and 8 out of 11 on their debut album. Clearly, they’re talent is rooted not only in their musical and vocal skills but also their writing. All of their songs, whether they are serious and sentimental or upbeat and light, feature miniature stories and depth that is relatable for any listener.

2. They Always Deliver.

Looking at the sales figures alone, its easy to realize that Lady A is good at making great albums. In the past 6 years they have released 3 albums, and each and every one of them is awesome. Each album has also produced a handful of great singles that get played over and over and over…well, you get the picture. Of course, they are setting the bar kind of high for themselves, but I’m confident that they’ll keep giving country music fans great music.

3. They’re Cross-Over Artists.

Another reason why Lady A is enjoying so much success is that they really are cross-over artists, especially with singles like “Need You Now” and “Just A Kiss“. They are firmly rooted in country music, but they have somehow managed to successfully blend in musical elements from outside the country world that makes everyone love them. This is a tricky thing too, and not a lot of country artists (or the other way around, non-country artists trying to be country) can claim to have accomplished this so easily!

What do you think?

We obviously love Lady A, but what do you think? Are my musings on target or do you think they’re great (or not) for other reasons? Let us know!

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