Listen Now: Pryor & Lee “Y’ALLSOME”

Thanks to the wondrous time I’ve spent killing over at TikTok, I’ve managed to stumble across quite a few country artists that I may never have heard of otherwise. Now I’m even starting to get bombarded by country music fans on that platform with THEIR favorite artists and let me tell you I * AM * HERE * FOR * IT! The latest tune to flood my ForYou page is this catchy little number from up and comers Pryor & Lee called “Y’ALLSOME”.

It turns out this is the pair’s debut single, and if this is how they’re starting off, I can’t wait to hear what’s next! It’s a fun party vibe track that brings some sweet smooth baritone and a hell of a ripping guitar lick in which all hits in the right places, especially if you were raised on line-dancing, late-drinkin dance hall weekends.

If you want to find out more about Pryor & Lee you can check out their official site, find them on Facebook, or even stalk them on TikTok!

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Shauna "WhiskeyChick" Castorena is a freelance writer for both Country Music News and Country Music On Tour. You can reach Shauna on Twitter or Facebook.

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