Luke Bryan Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Official Video

Luke Byran Releases Steamy Video for Steamy Lyrics of “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”!

Sometimes, I really just need a little Luke Bryan in my day to make things a tiny bit better, and yesterday his new video for “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” really did the trick. First of all, I really dig this song because I think its one of the best he’s released. Second, with Bryan performing his heart out in some very form fitting jeans, it really made me giggle. Then there are the rather steamy scenes featured throughout that don’t do anyone any harm (and really what can you expect with lyrics like “let’s lay down tonight” and “take off your leavin’ dress/let’s do what we do best”?). Anywho, check it out below and see if it has the same effect on you!

Watch Luke Bryan’s “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” Official Video!

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