Luke Bryan: Why We Love This Country Singer

What Is It About Luke Bryan That Makes Us Love Him So Darn Much?

Luke Bryan has been on the country music radar for awhile now, but recently he has really started to hit his stride. Besides having a whole bunch of hits, and performing at this year’s CMA Awards (twice!), Luke has just announced his first ever headlining tour, Dirt Road Diaries 2013 Tour! With all this good stuff goin’ on, it got me to thinking, why is that we love this guy so much?? Well, find my answers below!!

1. His Music. (Of Course.)

Okay, fine. So maybe, “Girl you make my speakers go “BOOM BOOM”/Dancin’ on the tailgate in a full moon/That kinda thing makes a man go mhmm mhmm” are not the MOST inspired lyrics of all time, but earth shatteringly brilliant or not Bryan’s songs are just plain fun. Anytime I hear a Luke song (my favorites being “All My Friends Say“, “Rain Is A Good Thing“, and “Country Girl“… ) I end up cracking a smile by the end. Even his heartbreak tunes are optimistic! So, yeah, we love his music!

2. His Performances.

I’ve seen Bryan perform live a couple times, the most recent being his CMA appearance, and honestly, he’s got what it takes. He sounds great, and he looks great…what more could you need? There is so much energy in his shows, and its really clear that he loves being on stage! That kind of performance just makes the audience’s experience all the more fun and memorable. Live shows are a deal breaker for me, and if you can cut it live, you’ve got my vote!

3. His Charm.

I don’t know how socially acceptable it is to describe a grown man as adorable, but I’m kind of drawing a blank for how else to describe Luke. He’s got that sweet, southern boy voice, and it’s downright endearing! One second he’ll be working for the camera, the next he’ll burst into a semi-embarrassed grin, how cute is that? I guess basically, he’s got a down to earth southern charm that just makes him relatable. Even if he gets talked into wearing jeans and boots with rhinestones on them, you know he’s still a country boy at heart!

4. Have you seen his music videos?

Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then just watch the playlist below, and I promise, you’ll get it. If you’re on board the Luke Bryan train already, go ahead and enjoy the playlist anyway!

Luke Bryan Music Video Playlist!

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