Malibu Country Premieres November 2

>Malibu Country Creator Talks About Inspiration For The Show.

ABC‘s new TV show, Malibu Country, premieres this Friday, November 2. The show will star one of country music’s leading ladies, Reba McEntire.

Dave Stewart, the creator of the show, recently spoke in an interview about his inspiration for the show and this is what he had to say…

“My mind moves in mysterious ways! I became fascinated with Nashville after my first real stay there a few years ago when I got back to Los Angeles. I went with a few friends to Malibu to my friend [songwriter] Glen Ballard’s house and for some reason insisted we all wear country outfits, cowboy hats, etc.. I made a little film too and put some music to it and then I started to invent a world where the two places collide. I then got a guy who worked at my management company to come up with some logos and started to kick around the story in my head. I came up with the idea that a very messy and public divorce happens in Nashville between two country stars and the female moves as far away as she can to Malibu with her feisty mother, her kids, etc. I then proceeded to write the story and synopsis with my in-house writer at my company [Weapons Of Mass Entertainment] Dave Harris. Once we had that finished, I took the whole concept in a special box with story treatment, character breakdown, music, even hat and t-shirt in a wooden box to the late legendary producer Laura Ziskin and showed her. She immediately loved it and we became partners to pitch the project.”

Stewart and McEntire wrote a song in the pilot episode called “The New Me.”

Be sure to watch the premier on Friday and tell us what you think!

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