Mallary Hope has the iTunes Single of the Week

Mallary Hope is a rising star in country music and now’s your chance to get to know her!

Mallary Hope NewsMallary Hope is an up and coming singer/songwriter whose powerfully emotional debut single, “Love Lives On,” has just been named iTunes Single of the Week and is currently featured on iTunes home page. I personally find Mallary’s voice to be absolutely beautiful, and refreshingly real. In a world of pop-country and auto-tuners, Mallary stands out as raw talent. Don’t miss your chance to say “I remember before she was kicking Taylor Swift’s rear end”!


“I was having a conversation with my sister, Atlanta. She and her husband, DJ, were high school sweethearts but when they graduated she joined the Air Force and he joined the Army. They reconnected a few years later when they were both stationed in Germany and soon after they were married. When she was pregnant, I asked her if the baby was planned, or if he was a surprise since they knew DJ was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq. She looked at me and said, ‘Mallary, we’re both in the military so you constantly have that fear that you could lose your loved one to war. Anything can happen. It would be the worst thing in the world to lose my husband. But if we shared a child together, I would have someone there that I could look at for the rest of my life and be reminded of this great love that we share. So he was definitely planned.’ I remember thinking, ‘There is a song in that somewhere.’

The next day I had a writing session with Matthew West and Shane Stevens. I picked up the guitar and said, ‘Can I just sing you this idea that I have? I don’t know where we can go with it.’ I told them about the conversation my sister and I had and sang, ‘I reached for you this morning, woke up with empty arms. Once again, it’s sinking in, how far away you are.’ I said, ‘I feel like the hook of the song needs to be that love lives on.’ Within 30 minutes, we had the entire song written and we were all crying. It was a gift.”Country Music Photo Gallery

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15 Replies to “Mallary Hope has the iTunes Single of the Week”

  1. Oh Mallary!!!!! I cried reading this blog! What an amazing talent, she is what country music is all about, livin’, lovin’ & cryin’!!!! 🙂 Her voice is very soulful & pure….cant wait to see & hear what else she’s going to put out there!

  2. Mallary is a very talented young lady and as far as I am concerned, a breath of fresh air. Country music needs a new, young talent that is commited to making music about real life. This song has made such an impact because it is real and so many people can relate…..I see good things in Mallary’s future!

  3. We’re so proud of Mallary Hope! She has a powerful voice and a sweet hear along with a passion for music that’s electric. We wish her all the best here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Keep up the good work!

  4. The ability for a female country artist to make a grown man cry is AMAZING. The story told in this song is so visual that you have your own interpretation of the song that applies to each of our lives in one form or another AND THEN you hear the story behind the song..WOW…If she can write like that, sing like that and also look like that she is going straight to the top… She now has a new fan. .Keep doing what your doing because it WORKS

  5. Mallary is simply incredible. It’s one thing to have a voice that can sing almost anything and quite another to do that and write such beautiful songs that stick in your head all day. Seeing the video was awesome and then hearing her on the radio was a whole different experience. I had found myself admiring her for how her beautiful voice seemed to go with her physical beauty but to hear her on the radio puts her in a league of her own. The song its self will bring you to tears every time, I don’t even know how she sings it without getting choked up! I wish her all the best in the future and I hope that all her hard work and talent take her to the places she has been dreaming of!

  6. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration, even to those you don’t know. I have the joy of following you on Facebook and feel like I know you. Thank you for sharing your unbelivable talent with all of us. Love Lives On is an amazing song, a great video and such a fabulous story. Keep doing what you’re doing, because so many are supporting and rooting you on. (even if you don’t know who we are) I bought the single free on iTunes and my 7 year old already sings it word for word with me. (that’s how much I’ve played it). She says “Mommy, put on our favorite new song”! You are a jewel that is only beginning to shine in this industry. You go girl!…. enjoy the ride, you deserve it! 🙂

  7. Mallary is one of the most talented singers out there, and I don’t think anyone can deny it. This song is wonderful, but it’s not going to be a one hit wonder. I can’t wait for the others to come out! The world is going to have a new favorite!

  8. As a veteran and Army wife, and a new mother, with a husband about to deploy…. I can truly say that this song speaks to the heart of me and makes me cry each time I listen to it. God bless Mallary and her amazing talent!

  9. Love Lives On is a song sent by God to give hope to hopeless people! It’s easy after the loss of a loved one to be blind to that hope! Thanks Mallary for letting God use your talent to send a message of HOPE and to make us realize that “LOVE LIVES ON”. I cry each time I hear the song but they are tears of HOPE! This song will remain a favorite of mine forever…Thanks to Mallary, Matthew West and Shane Stevens

  10. Mallory you are a breath of fresh air! We absolutely adore your heart and passion for life. We love that you are a great role model for our daugters! Know that we will always keep you close in our heart and our prayers.
    His for the adventure,
    Angel and Destiny
    P.S. We are so glad that we knew you before the song of the week on iTunes…and that we are a part of your facebook family…Thank you to Matthew West (who is an amazing artist as well!) he was the one who had mentioned your name and that is how we came to know you.

  11. Mallary I know with success come stress. Don’t forget to just sit around the fire place and do what you love. Thanks for the memories . The thing I love the most is your natural sound you can sing with music .without music ,in the car out of the car wherever you are thats what makes a great singer. Loving what you do. Thanks for letting so many people take this ride with you . From spring loaded ponies to Jets!
    who’d ever thunk it!

  12. Amazing song and an amazing talent! Mallary truly is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has become so overly commercialized. I think the fact that she writes/co-writes most of her music goes a long way in explaining why her songs are so “real.” She’s not just singing a tune; she’s pouring out her heart. I believe she has a bright career ahead of her!

  13. ” Love Lives On, YOU GO GIRL.” We are so proud of you! Love does live on through our children and grand-children when we give them all the love we have while they are growing up. Your song brings back so many cherrished memories for me. I cry each time I hear you sing this song as it makes me remember your grand-mother. She expressed so much love for her family and friends. Keep up the good work because we need to hear more music like yours to keep us remembering what is importand in this world. LOVE……

  14. I heard Mallory sing “Love Lives On” in Nashville in July duirng CRS Agenda Planning meetings. As soon as I heard her sing it I knew it was going to be a hit! I’m glad I got to hear her sing it before it became a hit. Look out Taylor there’s a Hot New Star in town!

  15. I have known Mallary since she was three years old. I have always loved to hear her sing and I still do! I hope she makes it to the top but even if she doesn’t, she will always be in first place to me!