Meet Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert – The south’s best kept secret… until now!

Lately the web has been all abuzz over Jason Aldean‘s newest single “My Kind of Party“, but surprisingly the buzz isn’t about Aldean! Fans throughout the southeast are making it known that the song’s writer, Brantley Gilbert, is the one we should really be watching. Trust me fans, we are! In a statement on Brantley’s site, it’s clear that he is enjoying the single’s success every bit as much as Jason Aldean is.

I’m proud to see my name attached to Jason’s version and hope you guys feel the same. This is a big step for me as a songwriter and I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to perform the song. After all, he is a Georgia boy! I love how passionate you all are about this song and my music, I just want you to know that this is a good thing. Let’s show support as Jason runs “My Kinda Party” up the charts! This is a great thing for all of us, including you. Thanks again for all your support! Can I get a hell yeah?!!!!

Brantley’s blend of country and rock has grabbed more than just Jason Aldean’s interest. Record label’s industry publications, and fans alike are clamoring for more from the “prodigal son” of the south. His sophomore album “Halfway to Heaven” is slowly making it’s way around the nation, and I predict, will be a sudden hit come this fall.

Give Brantley Gilbert a try with “Kick it in the Sticks” off the new album “Halfway to Heaven

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6 Replies to “Meet Brantley Gilbert”

  1. Brantley Gilbert Rocks!!! I really like Jason Aldean, but he definitely did not do the song justice.

  2. Hey, everybody. Both guys are excellent musicains, performers, and singers. Yes, Brantley wrote this song, but put yourself in his shoes of not being as big and known as someone and that someone chosing to cover a song that you wrote. It would gain you tons of recognition!! I am sure you would be honored. Jason isn’t stealing anything or trying to take credit for something that is not his, he is doing us all a favor, cuz at least in my city, I now hear a Brantley Gilbert song play on the radio! Rock on Ga boys!!

  3. Brantley is awesome I have seen him twice the first time awesome but on April 15 he was at River Fest in Vicksburg MS and it was a very bad show . He was so drunk (messed up) that he couldn’t sing . He even had to leave the stage because he was going to be sick. Also when he came off stage to touch hands of the crowd you could smell the liquor . My 15 year old daughter loves his music and she was very dissapointed .

  4. You definitely sing everything better than Jason Aldean! Wish it’d be you on the #1 spot instead..