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Brantley Gilbert Tells Apple Music About Latest Album ‘So Help Me God,’ Writing “Heaven By Then,” Getting Sober and More. Brantley Gilbert joins Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen for a charming and candid look at his latest album ‘So Help Me God.’ Gilbert shares the story of the late night karaoke outing with HARDY that lead to his collaboration with personal heroes Blake Shelton and Vince Gill on “Heaven By Then.” He and Kelleigh also dig into Gilbert’s journey through recovery from alcohol abuse and the inspiration for the album closer “So Help Me God.”

Pop-Country Duo SixForty1 Release Two New Songs

SIXFORTY1 RELEASE TWO NEW SONGS “I GET THAT” AND “SHOW YOU AROUND”  SIXFORTY1 SET TO PLAY BRANTLEY GILBERT’S KICK IT IN THE SHIP Nashville-based Pop Country duo, SixForty1 (Brooks Hoffman and Austin Gee) have released two highly anticipated new songs “I Get That” and “Show You Around.” Both songs were written by Hoffman and Gee and were produced by Nashville’s Matt Geroux.

Brantley Gilbert Graces People Magazine

Brantley Gilbert on People

Less than ten days after PEOPLE hit the road. Brantley Gilbert lands in the pages of the iconic celebrity news weekly. Fresh from a show at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheatre where he performed his entire hard-edged set backed by a symphony orchestra, his profile lands him in the May 21st issue, on-stands May 11. “It’s been a pretty incredible several days,” says the man whose “Dirt Road Anthem” was nominated for CMA Song of the Year. “To play Nashville with an orchestra, the last thing people would expect from me, was awesome. Selling t-shirts that say, ‘I Believe in Heroism’ to benefit the families of the young people shot at the Waffle House felt so good. So to hear the People story is running so quickly, well, that’s crazy and alright.” To kick off the double truck spread, is running several pieces that expand correspondent Eileen Finan’s reporting for the print magazine. Check out the first piece here: Brantley deep dives into the turmoil his life was almost a decade ago, explaining the path to where he is now in his life. A fierce teller of truth in songs like “Grown Ass Man,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and “Take It Outside.” As Eileen Finan writes in the intro to an unflinching, ultimately triumphant look at the ways life can get away from you, “Today, the 33-year-old “One Hell of An Amen” singer is a country star with back-to-back platinum albums. He’s married to the girl he pined forand — by his own admission – didn’t deserve for years and, as of November, he’s also anew dad.” Out on his The Ones That Like Me Tour, Gilbert is taking his kind of outlier country across America. With 3 dates to go, one of the only artists to score back-to-back platinum albums in the last decade is continuing his program of providing companion animals to veterans through his continued alliance with the PEDIGREE® Brand and theDisabled American Veterans. “It’s been a great tour so far this year,” says the man who won the American Music Awards’ Favorite Country Album for Just As I Am. “I think everything that’s happened in my life has changed things up in so many good ways, and it’s opened me up to the BG Nation in a whole lot of new ways, too.” With People hitting stands on May 11, a dozen dates with Kid Rock in the fall and writing for his next record, the hardcore country star whose lived his music from the inside out, has a professional life that’s almost as buoyant as his homelife. Given he has the woman of his dreams and a brand new little boy, that’s saying something.

Brantley Gilbert Honors “Waffle House Hero” James Shaw Jr.

Symphony Rehearsal for May 4 Ascend Concert Date Turns into Announcement for Waffle House Shooting Benefit T-Shirt James Shaw Jr. & Brennan McMurray Join Gilbert Dashboard Confessional Also Selling I Believe in Heroism T-Shirts at May 11 Ryman Show For Brantley Gilbert, playing with a symphony orchestra is unusual enough. But when the CMA Awards Song of the Year nominee heard about the shooting at a Nashville Waffle House, he knew he wanted to do something to honor James Shaw Jr. — the 29-year-old man who disarmed the shooter and has already started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the victims’ families. “When you see someone like James, who just jumped up and did what he did – and you think about the lives he saved, you realize what a special kind of guy he is,” Gilbert says. “I called my manager, Rich Egan, who heads up the I Believe In Nashville coalition, and asked if there was any way we could do something that would shine a light and remind everyone that heroes can be real life people. We came up with the idea of creating ‘I Believe in Heroism’ t-shirts that we will sell at our May 4th Nashville show and give the proceeds to James.” Joining Gilbert at the impromptu press conference was Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, who will also be selling the shirts at his May 11 appearance at the Ryman Auditorium. The acclaimed singer/songwriter told the assembled media, “If you can’t get to a show, visit and you can get the shirt, or donate to the GoFundMe pages set up for James and the families of the victims.” Gilbert spoke of wanting to give back, to recognize these men as a way to inspire others to see their own inner hero. For the hardcore rock country star from South Georgia, it is the inspiration that will help us all make the world a much a better place. “Bad people do bad things,” he offers. “But good people can do great things. Talking to James before we got up here, he said he’s not a superhero, he’s just a regular person. But I think there has to be some hero inside, that’s where that kind of bravery comes from.” Brantley Gilbert established himself as a voice of the hardcore, hardworking American from his debut single, the No. 1 “Country Must Be Country Wide.” With a strong commitment to rocking hard, reaching deep and pushing Nashville’s boundaries, the man lauded by Entertainment Weekly for “swaggering guitars, catchy hooks, and a DGAF attitude” and Rolling as “a brooding, hip-hop influenced rocker” continues working to honor and support the people who dig in and make our world better. “When it’s not about me, that’s when I’m happiest.” Gilbert says. “More than that, when it’s about somebody who was brave, and we can honor them a little, that’s when it’s really good. To me, I can’t wait to play with the Symphony, but I’m really stoked to be here today with someone like James.”

Brantley Gilbert as the Face of Apple Music?

Brantley Gilbert on Country Music News Blog

Country music bad boy Brantley Gilbert must be turning a few heads outside of our little circle because he has just been chosen to represent the country genre on the Apple Music platform. Brantley is only the second country artists to be highlighted on the platform. [embedyt][/embedyt] “I’ve never been one for commercials,” says the man who’s certified back-to-back Platinum for Halfway To Heaven and Just As I Am. “But when we started talking to the folks at Apple, they were saying, ‘We want to capture you, the way you live and the values you hold. We want people to see your world, show them what you hear and respond to. If they see you, it says everything.’” Decidedly rural, yet most definitely urban and rocking in its lean, the 30 seconds of documentary footage touches on every aspect of who the guy selling serious hard tickets in America’s arenas and amphitheaters is with his The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour.

Brantley Gilbert Announces Baby Boy With A Blast!

Brantley and Amber Gilbert Baby Gender Reveal on Country Music News Blog!

Brantley Gilbert has never seemed like much of a traditionalist, so when it came time to let friends and family know the gender of his and wife Amber’s coming first born, of course he thought outside of the box! Surrounded by around 40 of his closest friends and relatives, Brantley carefully loaded a rifle, took aim at a specially loaded Tannerite target in the distance, and fired. The moment the resulting cloud of blue smoke came bellowing up, cheers and tears started flowing all around! “Everybody was crying,” Gilbert exclusively told People Magazine about the reaction. “I turned around, and I think that’s when it hit me that everybody’s wanted this for us as much as we did for so long. When the blue cloud went up, well, that made it even more real. Now we know it’s a little boy, and he’s going to have to get ready for a whole lot of love.” “It seemed like a fun, different way to do the reveal,” says the man with the back-to-back platinum albums of shooting the target “about the size of a beef jerky container” packed with powder. “And it felt like something that I’d really do. But I don’t think any of us thought we would get so emotional.” Read more about Brantley Gilbert’s big baby gender reveal from our friends at People Country!

Get Brantley Gilbert Tickets for Just $20!

Brantley Gilbert on Country Music News Blog

Brantley Gilbert’s Got Your Working Class Tickets $20 Pavilion Seats Are Being Made Available on Key Amphitheater Shows Somewhere on the Road: As Brantley Gilbert kicks off plans for the summer leg of his The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour, the working class kid from Jefferson, Georgia wants to bring some of his most hardcore, hard-working fans “into the house” for his summer’s party. So rather than merely making fan friendly seats available on the lawn, the back-to-back platinum songwriter’s carving out a chunk of seats under the pavilion – and making them available for just twenty dollars.* Jump straight to the $20 Brantley Gilbert Tickets at “Look I love the lawn and how much fun everybody has up there,” the man who won the American Music Award for Favorite Country Album with Just As I Am acknowledges, “but I also know some of my most hardcore fans come for the music. They want to be under the roof, where they can really see and hear the show. I hate that it’s always impossible for the folks in the BG Nation, who’re trying to make ends meet, to get into those seats – so we’re teaming with Live Nation to create a Working Class ticket.” “I know times can be tight, and no matter what you’ve got going on, if you wanna come hear the show, we’ve got you covered.” Tickets for these shows are available on a first-come, first-sold basis. Once they’re gone, they’re done. But for those fans who want to really see the action, and truly hear the band, this is a best of both worlds proposition. With “The Weekend” cresting the Top 10, and the arena portion of The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour rocking, this is one more way for the man who has hit #1 with “Country Music Be Country Wide,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do,” “Bottoms Up” and “One Hell of an Amen” – plus writing “My Kind of Party” and the CMA Song of the Year nominee “Dirt Road Anthem” – to bring the fans closer to him. As Entertainment Weekly wrote of Gilbert’s attack, “With swaggering guitars, catchy hooks, and a DGAF attitude, Devil promises to keep the ‘One Hell of an Amen’ singer at the top of the country charts,” while Billboard opined “Merle Haggard was known as the ‘Poet of the Common Man,’ and while some might have their opinions about comparing any modern-day star to the late country legend, one thing is for sure — Brantley Gilbert knows his audience. With a pair of platinum albums and nine of his singles being certified gold or platinum, Gilbert’s music strikes a chord with people.” American Songwriter raved, “Gilbert never fails to deliver southern inspired anthems that make listeners crave the weekend” and touring industry trade Pollstar raved of opening night, “most notably on a brief instrumental honky tonk interlude that allowed the five musicians backing Gilbert to show off their chops, the music was heavily country. But for Continue reading Get Brantley Gilbert Tickets for Just $20!

Brantley Gilbert: Devil Heads To Festivals, Fairs & Amphitheaters

Brantley Gilbert on Country Music News Blog

Brantley Gilbert’s The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour Heads Into Summer  Amphitheaters, Festivals + Fairs as He Continues Taking It To The People With Brantley Gilbert’s The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour crossing the Rust Belt and Heartland, the renegade country star turns to warmer weather – knowing when the cold temperatures burn off, he wants to be ready when the first leg of his high impact tour wraps on April 29th in Duluth, MN. Jump To Tickets “These shows in the arenas are so loud and so wild,” says the songwriter whose penned six #1s, including the CMA Song of the Year nominee “Dirt Road Anthem,” of the road. “You almost can’t hold that energy in the building, but come summer – when we take it outside – it’s a whole other kind of deal when we get outside with the BG Nation.” The 26-date summer leg of The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour is a mixture of festivals, fairs and amphitheaters, mixing up the concert experience for the fans. Kicking off June 2 at Tampa’s MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater, the next wave of the tour will focus on the Midwest, the Southeast and East Coast. “There are so many different ways to do this come warm weather,” Gilbert explains. “And I like’em all. Festivals are just a party with a whole lotta music… There’s not much more real – or more like where I come from – than a fair… and those amphitheater shows, well, that’s where the BG Nation comes together to throw it down. You know, it’s why when we take it outside, it’s just good, and we have the party of the summer everywhere we go.” This year’s show – with new music from his #1 all-genre Top 200 Selling Album The Devil Don’t Sleep – has been striking a chord with his already passionate fanbase. The Reading Eagle wrote of opening night, “far from an outlier; Gilbert stuck his microphone out for audience participation in nearly every song, and they were happy to oblige. This wasn’t music for thinking, it was music for escaping” and touring industry trade Pollstar echoed, “on a brief instrumental honky tonk interlude that allowed the five musicians backing Gilbert to show off their chops, the music was heavily country. But for much of the the show, it was an amalgam of styles Gilbert grew up listening to, incorporating crunchy guitars, drum machines, even some rapped verses.” Quietly selling back-to-back platinum with Halfway To Heaven and Just As I Am, Jefferson, Georgia’s Brantley Gilbert is a different kind of heavy metal force reckon with: a songwriter who taps into the gut of the outlier, the roughneck, the downhome and the downtrodden by rocking his country hard and writing songs torn straight from their lives. A word-of-mouth favorite, his tours focus on the Rust Belt, the Heartland and the Southeast working class, connecting with those music lovers who don’t really care what you call it, just that you bring it every time. Last winter’s successful BlackOut arena Continue reading Brantley Gilbert: Devil Heads To Festivals, Fairs & Amphitheaters

Brantley Gilbert’s The Devil Don’t Sleep Lands Jan. 27

Brantley Gilbert on Country Music News Blog

  For Brantley Gilbert, his back-to-back platinum success comes from writing about his life – and watching the people who live like he does respond. If Halfway To Heaven was the story of a young man in the clutches of all it means to be wild, and Just As I Am considered the consequences of the life and the good times getting there, The Devil Don’t Sleep marks the next phase of the working class country icon in the making’s life.   Sixteen songs on the regular disc. Ten more on the Deluxe Edition. It’s a whole lot of music from country music’s hardest hitting songwriter/artist. It’s also a lot of life lived.   “A lot has happened,” marvels the man nominated for CMA Song of the Year for Jason Aldean’s signature “Dirt Road Anthem.” “And anyone who knows me knows that every album is another chapter of my life. Even though it’s my life, even though some of what I write about is very specific to what happens to me, I think the challenges, the places where we figure things out are all the same – no matter what we’re facing, realizations all mean the same things.”   Though “The Weekend” explodes as one of Gilbert’s industrial strength five o’clock Friday party anthems, The Devil Don’t Sleep works a celebratory tip for other reasons. As Gilbert is quick to point out, the songs offer a cautionary undertow because, as the title suggests, temptation is a non-stop reality – and people need vigilance to avoid backsliding into the very things that defeat them.   “By now, everyone knows the story turned out okay for me,” laughs the man who sold out his entire BlackOut arena tour last winter, as well as his Take It Outside amphitheater tour which closed with two nights at Red Rocks. “But the truth is there’s always temptation, there’s always something – whether it’s work or substances or gambling or whatever – that can pull you off the path. For me, thankfully, I got through it, got the girl back, got to keep my career moving…”   As a tortured soul trying to walk the straight and narrow but always feeling the pull of the devil’s right hand, The Devil Don’t Sleep is supplemented with a Deluxe version that captures the roots of his songwriting and the essence of his blistering live shows. The expanded package represents a fuller look into the hard-hitting songwriter’s journey to where he is now: one of four country artists to mine back-to-back platinum albums for sticking to his unapologetically rock-country hybrid on Halfway To Heaven and Just As I Am, six #1s including Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” and “My Kind of Party” and his own “Country Music Be Country Wide,” “Bottoms Up,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and the deeply personal “One Hell Of An Amen,” two consecutive sold-out headlining tours and the love of the girl he lost along the way and the 2014 American Music Award Continue reading Brantley Gilbert’s The Devil Don’t Sleep Lands Jan. 27

Brantley Gilbert World Premieres "The Weekend" on CMT "Hot 20"

Brantley Gilbert on Country Music News Blog

Brantley Gilbert World Premieres “The Weekend” on CMT  Top 20 Countdown Debuts Lead Track from The Devil Don’t Sleep Nashville, TN: Having just sold out two night’s at Denver’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, as well as key amphitheaters in the heartland including 14,806 at Detroit’s DTE Energy Music Theatre and 15,038 at Cincinnati’s Riverbend Amphitheater, the wildly intense Brantley Gilbert gears up for the release of The Devil Don’t Sleep with a World Premiere of “The Weekend” on CMT: Country Music Television’s “Hot 20” this weekend Oct. 29-30. “We’re getting ready for the next phase,” says one of the rare country artists with back-to-back certified platinum releases for his Halfway To Heaven and Just As I Am. “There’s new music coming, in a very different way than people expect from us. But one thing we’re not gonna lose is the real life – and some of the real fun you can have – in this music. That’s what I love about this clip: it’s a lot of pieces of who I am.” Starting with Gilbert trying, badly, to fix an old Cougar – and needing to abandon the job to get on the bus, the Shane Drake-directed clip captures Gilbert out on this summer’s sold-out Take It Outside Tour, his dynamic with his lovely wife Amber, dealing with frustration, tearing it up with the band in an all-terrain vehicle rich and finding a party he can both crash and loosen up. Admitting to his new friends he’s a lousy mechanic, longtime collaborator Drake creates a surprise ending that’s not so far from the truth. “This isn’t that far off,” admits the man whose launched six #1s including the CMA Single of the Year nominee “Dirt Road Anthem,” as well his own “Country Must Be Country Wide,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and One Hell of an Amen” among others. “I’m not a great mechanic… and I do love that old Cougar and my wife. To mix it all up like this, and kinda make it about what every guy wants and get frustrated about? Well, that’s pretty much here.” With the heavy guitar thumper “It’s About To Get Dirty” featured in “Madden 17,” the latest in the series of high impact football video games, the Georgia native is keeping a strong emphasis on keeping the hard rock in his country for his upcoming project – due in early 2017. Working like twin engines, “The Weekend” reinforces the real world good time out in the sticks ethos that has defined the “Bottoms Up” artist since he released his first self-financed Modern Day Prodigal Son just out of his teens. “Boys get older, but not much changes,” he says with a laugh. “I was raised to work hard, but we also learned to play hard. You know, that’s the deal… When you give it all, you wanna take it back just as hard when you clock out. And if you’re not having fun, you’re not all in with your life, you’re Continue reading Brantley Gilbert World Premieres "The Weekend" on CMT "Hot 20"