Miley Cyrus On Two and A Half Men

Miley Cyrus Snags Recurring Guest Role On Two and A Half Men.

It looks like country singer/teen queen Miley Cyrus will be returning to the small screen. Rumor (as in, take this with a grain of salt) has it that she is slated for a recurring guest role on the long-running CBS sitcom, Two and A Half Men. Apparently, the 19 year old, who recently announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, will play the love interest for teenage character, Jake Harper. It doesn’t stop there though, there is supposedly a love triangle in the works as Ashton Kutcher’s character harbors a bit of a crush on the young woman. I’m sorry, but that’s just a little creepy. So, kind of hoping that that part isn’t true, but kudos to her if she really landed the role!

I wonder if this means noone should be expecting new music from Miley anytime soon. She recently released a video for her Bob Dylan cover, and it seemed she was getting back in touch with her country roots a little. Maybe it was just a quick detour?

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