Miranda Lambert Opens Store In Tishomingo

Miranda Lambert To Open New Store, Pink Pistol, Thanksgiving Week In Tishomingo, OK!

Miranda Lambert, lover of all things pink, is taking her pink obsession to the next level by opening a boutique store in Tishomingo, OK named the Pink Pistol! How cute and awesome is that??? I love everything about this news from the name of the store to the idea! According to The Boot, the store will feature a whole host of specialty items, and interested shoppers can grab a first peak at the grand opening taking place the day after Thanksgiving!

We’re having the Grand Opening the day after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, only we’re calling it Pink Friday. We’re going to make it a tradition to turn the block pink every year at that time…It’s antiques, gifts, boots, jeans and pretty much everything you can imagine. My favorite thing in the store is a glittery pink bicycle hanging from the ceiling. I’m really 12 at heart.” -Miranda Lambert

I can’t wait to see the logo, but word on the street is that its a pistol with wings and the slogan, “For the Wild at Heart” underneath! You can find the Pink Pistol at 214 W. Main St. in Tishomingo, Ok!

Besides opening awesome stores, Miranda will soon be hitting the road for her 2013 Locked and Reloaded Tour with Dierks Bentleyget complete details.

Update! Here’s the logo! What do you think?

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  1. Miranda Lambert opening Pink Pistol on Black (Pink) Friday will be a Major Attraction. Her fans will come for miles and miles to check out her store. Pictures I have seen would be exactly what one would expect from Miranda. Thanks Girl – Good Luck!