Miranda Lambert shakes TAILS to show she cares!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton give a concert to build an animal shelter in Tishomingo, Okla.

Miranda Lambert and Dogs (Courtesy of CMT Blogs)Miranda Lambert‘s charity event, TAILS (Texoma Animal Improved Living Society), raised $70,000 to build a shelter in Tishomingo, Okla. The money was raised at a concert with boyfriend Blake Shelton at Murray State College on Feb. 12. –read more…

I gotta say every time I open a magazine, read my newsfeeds, or even turn on the TV, this girl’s out savin animals, raisin money, and givin’ back to her community. And not just writing checks and taking pictures… she’s out there putting the events together, doing interviews, giving concert, and following through to make sure that all goes smoothly. Miranda Lambert is a GREAT example of what this country SHOULD be about. Helping your neighbors and giving back to your community! Way to go Miranda!Country Music Photo Gallery

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