Montgomery Gentry Rebels On The Run Review

>Montgomery Gentry Did Good Things On Their New Album!

Montgomery Gentry are Average Joe’s entertainment recording artists and have been one of country music’s top duos since 1999. Although they have a new label, Troy and Eddie are the same non-apologetic, down to earth performers they always have been!

Their new album, Rebels On The Run, is out today and we at the CMNB office were lucky enough to have an advanced copy! This new piece of work from these boys is definitely worth the drive to Wal-Mart! It includes 11 tracks of honest country music.

A number of the songs (“Damn Right I Am“, “Where I Come From“, “I Like Those People“), give tribute to the duos hometowns, which is a routine we are use to with them. Others are fun tunes (“Ain’t No Law Against That“, “Work Hard, Play Harder“) about exactly that, having fun! “Damn Baby” is a love song about that feeling when you’re so happy that you can’t even get the words out of how you feel, all you can come up with is damn baby.

Again, staying true to country music honesty, “Empty” is about the loneliness a man feels after a relationship ends. I really enjoyed this one with its steel guitar and great melody! Possibly one of my favorites off of the entire album was “So Called Life!” It has a fast pace and an awesome chorus!

Like I said, the album is available today, so do what you gotta do to hear Montgomery Gentry for the first time with their new label!

Track Listing
1. Damn Right I Am
2. Ain’t No Law Against That
3. Damn Baby
4. Empty
5. Where I Come From
6. I Like Those People (feat. Charlie Daniels & Randy Owen)
7. Rebels On The Run
8. Simple Things
9. Missing You
10. So Called Life
11. Work Hard, Play Hard

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