Jamey Johnson At Billy Bob’s

>Jamey Johnson Gives An Incredible Show To Fans At The World’s Largest Honky Tonk!

Jamey Johnson was the main event last Saturday, October 15 at the Texas sized venue, Billy Bob’s! The very talented singer/songwriter was completely immersed in his performance, as were his fans!

I traveled to Ft. Worth specifically for this show and let me tell you, it was well worth the bumpy ride on US West 82! When I first arrived to the infamous Stockyards, this huge feeling of joy immediately came over me. If you haven’t ever been to this Lone Star playground you should definitely look into it! Billy Bob’s alone is a magical place with so much to do.

The show didn’t begin until 10:30pm so I was able to get my fair share of people watching in for the evening. Not wanting to miss one strum on that famous autographed guitar, I made sure to find my seat in PLENTY of time!

Johnson started the night with “High Cost of Living” and ended it with Hank Williams Sr.’s I Saw The Light!” In between were his originals “The Guitar Song“, “The Door Is Always Open“, “Playing The Part“, “That Lonesome Song“, “Give It Away” (recorded by George Strait), “Mowin’ Down The Roses“, “Lonely At the Top“, “Dog In the Yard“, and “In Color” along with some others! Other songs that were played were “Keep your Hands To Yourself“, “La Grange“, “Georgia” and “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.” One song in particular that was ended with a standing ovation by fans was “Turn The Page“, the multi-genre classic was accompanied by such soul from Johnson. However this was true for every note he sang that night, there is no denying that the man has a one of a kind voice!

I will take it upon myself to speak for everyone who was there that night in saying it was a spectacular performance that compared to no other! I’m not sure if it was the sound of his voice or the echoes of the cowboys hollering praises, but I found myself with chills on many occasions.

Jamey Johnson has a wonderful array of fans that are very welcoming! I highly suggest you catch a Johnson performance in the NEAR future and become one of these fine people! You are sure to have a good time, while hearing some great music!!!

You can purchase any of Johnson’s three studio albums at this time, with the most recent being The Guitar Song.

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