New Feature! Google +1 Plus One Button

CMNB adds a new way to show you care about country music with the Google +1 button!

While we try not to get too geeky on our readers, every once in a while the crew here at Country Music News Blog gets really excited about new internet doo-dads and gadgets. Today is one of those days! We have now added a handy +1 to EVERY post on our site so you can help us tell Google what you think. See it down there at the bottom of this very post? Consider it an internet-pat-on-the-back if you will. A head nod in passing. A tip o’ the hat to a fine fine ladyfriend. Consider it whatever you want, as long as you click it!

The down and dirty is this button helps us. And using it is easy… you just click the button and viola! We get Google love. Easy right? So do it… you know you want to.

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