Revealing Interview with Maren Morris on Audacy’s “Katie & Company” Podcast

On the verge of a new album release this spring, Maren Morris sat down with the hosts of Katie & Company and gave possibly one of the most vulnerable interviews we’ve heard from her yet.

Key Quotes:
How her family spent the holiday. “It was really nice. It was pretty low-key. We went to Texas for three days with our son to see our family. It was nice to see them. It had been too long.” 

—”I had to find other avenues to get inspired to make music again. Part of it was having all this one-on-one with my husband for the first time, being stuck in the house together. Really sitting down and listening to tons of new music that I’d never have the bandwidth to listen to before. Removing from your bubble for a second.” 

Moment that almost made her leave Nashville. “With ‘My Church’, I knew how much I believed in that song. It was almost so confidently a belief in myself. I knew even if I failed, I’d still be so proud of myself. In the back of my mind I knew there was no second career option, it was always going to be this.” 

Listen to the rest of the Maren Morris Interview at Katie & Company on Audacy.

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