Rodney Atkins He’s Mine Video

The Official Music Video For Rodney Atkins’ “He’s Mine.”

Rodney Atkins’ latest single, “He’s Mine” has been a hit with the fathers and sons of the country music world. The song can be found on his fourth studio album, Take A Back Road and is the follow up to “Take A Back Road.”

First I want to say that I am a fan of the song. It’s one of those that you find yourself singing along to in the car and then have it stuck in your head for a few hours. But…I have to say one thing about it that i find odd.

Although I’m glad that this is a song about having pride in your son, I find it weird that there isn’t a line somewhere that says “Yeah he’s mine and I’m gonna’ take him to the back and whip him.” It’s not that I condone child abuse or anything like that, but come on…the kid was caught “shootin’ beer bottles” AND “smokin’.” Plus the kid was disrespectful by not even speaking to the old man…I’m just saying.

Either way I do like the song and the video is great too! Watch it here now!

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