Sara Evans My Heart Can’t Tell You No Video

Sara Evans Offers 3 Versions of of New Video for Single My Heart Can’t Tell You No.

Sara Evans has been experiencing huge success since her return to the country music scene following a six year hiatus. She returned with the release of her album Stronger which has generated significant buzz with the industry and her fans alike. The lead single off the album “A Little Bit Stronger” in particular has helped catapult Sara back into the spotlight with ease.

Her most recent single My Heart Can’t Tell You No, a cover of the 1980’s version originally performed by Rod Stewart, is as filled with emotion and poignancy as A Little Bit Stronger. Evans has made this song her own though by creating a video with 3 alternate endings which premiered through 3 separate internet outlets on August 22nd. The video portrays a woman who is in a relationship with a man who is already married to another woman. Throughout the video it is clear this woman is trying to separate herself from this man, but it is proving to be a difficult and painful process. I won’t give anything away, but each of the 3 alternate endings are dramatically different from one another!

You can check out two of the videos below, and view the third by clicking on the link! Let us know what you think!

Here is Version #1 which aired on

Here is Version #2 which premiered on Vevo.

You can find Version #3 by following this link.

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