Scotty McCreery American Idol Audition Revisited

American Idol In Retrospect: Scotty McCreery’s Idol Audition.

Well, a new season of American Idol is well underway, and over here at CMNB that got us to thinkin’ about last year’s winner…yep, Scotty McCreery, the young man that has experienced an overwhelming amount of success in an incredibly short amount of time. It’s always kind of fun to go back and check out stars before they were stars. So, take a look at his audition video below.

Walk Down Memory Lane with Scotty and His Idol Audition.


We’re not the only ones looking back in time. In a recent interview Scotty McCreery got a little nostalgic about his run on American Idol, and even doled out a little advice to this seasons contestants: don’t stress out!

“…I made that mistake a couple times. You’re just there to sing, have fun, and really entertain the crowd…If you let the stress of the TV part of it, the live show part of it get to you, the singing and the entertaining won’t be fully there. Stay laid back, get your songs right, work hard, and you’ll be set.”-Scotty McCreery

Currently on tour with Brad Paisleyand The Band Perry, no doubt Scotty is learning how to cope with a whole other kind of stress these days! I’m sure at the same though, he’s takin’ it in stride and learning all he can from a country music great like Paisley.

Hear Scotty Talk About the Impact of Idol


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