Scotty McCreery I Love You This Big

Go Behind the Scenes with Scotty McCreery On Set of I Love You This Big Video!

In the midst of the American Idol Live tour this summer, Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery took time out for another brand new experience, filming his first ever music video for his first ever single, “I Love You This Big“. The video released earlier this month, and was filmed in a park in Los Angeles. McCreery though swears when you see the video you’d think it was shot somewhere in the Carolinas.

In a behind the scenes look at the filming of the video, fans get to see what it was like for McCreery to experience making a music video for the first time. Also, Scotty gives fans insight into the meaning behind not only the lyrics in the song, but the story in the video.

See the behind the scenes footage now!

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  1. Watching American Idol this season I was a fan of Scotty McCreery’s from the start. Seeing him progress through the Season made me like him even more because he was showing his talent at such a young age. Winning American Idol and the success that follows him, Scotty keeps his faith and values at the top of his list and I respect him for that. I had the opportunity to see the top 12 american idol contestants live in Nashville, Tn at the bridgestone during their tour and I was so impressed by how professional, he and the other contestants were. They made it a very enjoyable show. And now his first single “I Love you this big” is on the top of the country music charts. I hope your success continues to grow Scotty, and thank you for writing this article I really enjoyed reading it and watching the video.