Scotty McCreery Trouble With Girls Video

>Scotty McCreery Releases Second Official Music Video of His Career.

Scotty McCreery has released the video for the second single off of his debut album, Clear As Day. The song is titled “The Trouble With Girls“, and it is a slower paced track that will no doubt strike a chord with Scotty’s female fans.

I mentioned in my review of Scotty’s album (which you can check out by clicking here), that one thing I really appreciate about the song selection is that Scotty is not trying to pretend he is anything other than a (now) 18 year old guy who can sing. This continues to be reflected in this particular music video. It takes place in what appears to be an average highscool with average kids. There is plenty of slow motion and idealized depictions of what highschool is like, but it achieves its goal in showcasing the kind of girl crazy mentality most teenage boys experience. It is a simple video which I think is also appropriate for Scotty’s music at this point. You can watch it below, and let us know what you think!

Watch Scotty’s “The Trouble with Girls” Here![youtube:]

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