Shania Twain:Reality Show Star

New reality series called “Why Not?” will star country artist Shania Twain.

According to sources, the series will “follow Shania as she begins her climb back to the top, a personal journey filled with risk, revelations and unexpected adventures.” The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) launches January 1st 2011 and will air the hour long series.Country Music Photo Gallery

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One Reply to “Shania Twain:Reality Show Star”

  1. Shania,
    I have been a huge fan of yours for years. Being a singer myself, I have sung your songs and I even impersonated you for a show a few years ago. I have always believed that you were a good person, caring and kind. But in these economic times in America, I am very disappointed in you Shania.
    I am sorry about your divorce and problems but let’s face it, your problems pale in comparison with people who are really struggling. People in America are in real trouble. Some don’t have a roof over their heads and no food for their kids. Some have to live in homeless shelters. Jobs are scarce and the United States is facing more misfortune than ever before.
    You have everything. Looks, family, money, prestige and now we all need to support you and feel sorry for you. Can you image going through what you went through with Mutt with no money? No family? No place to live? No place to turn. Well a lot of people are suffering right now and nobody cares about them.
    It is very upsetting that celebrities are so out of touch with their fellow human beings. I know at one time you were very poor. But I would have expected from you a reality show about YOU Shania Twain, reaching out and really helping the poor and disadvantaged. That would have made a beautiful reality show and it would have matched who you really are inside.
    I am sorry but you being afraid to get on the big stage is really not that important. You have lived a life most people will never live. What matters in life is to give. To go beyond your comfort zone, to reach out to people who can’t afford to go to the dentist, or doctor who are at sick and provide some type of financial support, moral support etc. I’ve gone through a similar thing where I couldn’t sing too but I had no one and managed to get through it. Giving to others will always be the way out of the emotional funk. Let’s face it Mutt wasn’t emotionally available like most men.