Shooter Jennings The Deed and The Dollar Video

Shooter Jennings New Video for The Deed and The Dollar.

Listening to Shooter Jennings new single (released Jan. 3, 2012), “The Deed and The Dollar” gives me one thought, “Ahh, now this, is country music.”, followed quickly by a second thought, “I really dig this track!”. And I do…dig it. It’s a great tune with a simple message and mellow, subtle lyrics.

The video which recently released matches the song perfectly. It is beautifully made without any kind of pretense or overt showmanship. It’s just Shooter hangin’ out, playing his guitar, and singin’ his song best he knows how. Can we really ask for more than that? Should we? Check it out below.

Watch Shooter’s “The Deed and The Dollar” Now.

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