Shooter Jennings Touching Goodbye to Former Art Teacher

Shooter Jennings shares a heartfelt goodbye via twitter to a teacher that became a great friend.

When a teacher makes an amazing impact on us, we carry that throughout our whole lives. If we are lucky, we take an opportunity to tell them what an amazing difference they made for us. And when we lose them, it breaks us. It hurts as much as any family member or loved one’s passing does, and then a little bit more in ways theirs can’t, because it impacts the very thing inside of us they helped to awaken. With that being said, our hearts at CMNB go out to Shooter Jennings as he and most likely countless other former students mourn the passing of his beloved art teacher Mr. Gene Sizemore.

  • It's w great sadness that I hear of my good friend and art teacher Gene Sizemore's passing. I will never forget my dear friend + blues fan.
  • I used to go visit Mr. Sizemore after I graduated, anytime I was in town really. We would smoke cigarettes and listen to the radio and talk
  • about music, and playing music, and bands we loved and Jesco White. He was always my favorite. Anytime I had a day off in town I would
  • him down and hang out with him. I WANTED to hang out with him as much as I could. He was one of those guys who got me, and I got him. It was
  • as simple as that. I had no idea he was sick. I remembered when I quit smoking one time and I felt so guilty that I couldn't smoke with him.
  • Then the next time he had quit and I was smoking by myself. I knew we would remain friends forever. I just saw him about two and a half yrs
  • ago when I played at the USN auditorium. I'm happy he got to meet Misty . He was just the coolest, and I'm really gonna miss him.

Please take the time to visit the teachers that mattered to you in school whenever you can. They give their lives over to expanding minds and opening hearts to the unknown. They need to know it was appreciated.

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