Sugarland Discusses Stuck Like Glue

As rumors of the video leak out, Sugarland talks about how Stuck Like Glue came about.

Sugarland is enjoying instant success with their quirky new single “Stuck Like Glue” as they plan out a crazy stalker plot for the corresponding video. But of course, what more could you ask for from this entertainingly eccentric duo? When asked about how such a catchy song came about, this is what they had to say:
“The song came about in a really fun way,” says Jennifer Nettles. “We were actually in the studio. It’s one of two songs that we wrote while we were in the studio process.” “It all came born out of this really cool beat and this really cool hook,” adds Kristian Bush. “It’s an infectious beat — it almost sticks kind of like glue to you.”Country Music Photo Gallery

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