Sugarland – Incredible Machine Album Review

Sugarland does it again with Incredible Machine and it’s… well.. incredible!

It’s not often I get to listen to a new album that absolutely floors me, but let me say outright that Sugarland‘s “Incredible Machine” has done just that. The new release which comes out next Tuesday October 19th is nothing less than an unstoppable force of passion, power and… well… INCREDIBLE talent. The entire album seamlessly pays tribute to the many musical influences Jennifer and Kristian share, with each and every track bending those genre rules as if they were only ever an idea.

Sugarland Incredible Machine Track List:

  1. All We Are
  2. Incredible Machine
  3. Stuck Like Glue
  4. Tonight
  5. Stand Up
  6. Incredible Machine (Interlude)
  7. Every Girl Like Me
  8. Little Miss
  9. Find The Beat Again
  10. Wide Open
  11. Shine The Light

“A heart that beats… an Incredible Machine. Made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam.”

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4 Replies to “Sugarland – Incredible Machine Album Review”

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  2. I rush out each and every time to get their new albums when they are released. I enjoy hearing the growth that Jennifer and Kristian display, the intelligence of the songwriting and the heartfelt emotion, passion and power that they display when they are onstage or in the studio.

    I realize that this album pushes the envelope but they are one duo that I hope will never conform to “formula” writing just to keep a fan base. They follow their hearts and I will continue to be surprised and delighted with where their hearts lead them musically. BRAVO!