Sugarland – Love on the Inside Review

>This just in! Sugarland’s Love on the Inside is a HIT!

Sugarland - Love on the Inside Review

Fresh. Light-hearted. Fun. Surprising. Did I mention fun? I’ve spent the last weekend listening to Sugarland‘s latest release “Love on the Inside – Deluxe Fan Edition” and found myself falling completely in love. From the newfound lusty-love on “All I Want to Do” to the heartbreaking sentiment on “Very Last Country Song” the simple fact is that with each tune on this new album I found my heart being pulled from my chest and read like an open book, which is a rare feat in this day of manufactured pop crossover formulaic chart-toppers. I daresay at least half of this album will chart on mainstream radio before the next album hits!

What’s most refreshing on this album is how both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have each really gotten comfortable letting their personalities shine through in both their performance and in their song choices. Each song on the album is rich with emotion, and there are none that I have wanted to skip as “filler”. I even got a great laugh out of the strangely out-of-place ode to “Steve Earl”!

Love on the Inside – Deluxe Fan Edition Track List:
1. All I Want To Do
2. It Happens
3. We Run
4. Joey
5. Love
6. Genevieve
7. Already Gone
8. Keep You
10. What I’d Give
11. Steve Earle
12. Very Last Country Song
13. Fall Into Me
14. Operation: Working Vacation
15. Wishing
16. Life In A Northern Town – (live)
17. Come On Get Higher – (live)

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  1. That is an interesting choice for album cover art. I’ll have to listen to the album to see if it fits the package. It reminds me of the work that was going on in the 60’s by Alton Kelly and Stanley Mouse.