Sugarland Releases New Video

Sugarland Releases Video for Hit Song “Tonight”

Sugarland‘s new video for their hit song “Tonight” is now available on iTunes. Also, AOL will begin streaming the video tomorrow, April 21st! The song as well as the video channels the emotion and angst from 80’s classic films like Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club, and was shot at the Woolworth Mansion in New York City to increase the drama and emotion Nettles and Bush were trying to express. The video is sure to be just as popular the song which has been received overwhelmingly well among fans.

“This song is an event every night we play it. When Jennifer gets to the first big ‘Always’ and holds it forever, and the band finally kicks in, and the electric guitars rumble to life under her note, it really turns the room into a stadium. I love how the audience start to cheer and scream and how that energy carries us and the song to a new place. It makes a man want to play guitar!” says Bush of performing “Tonight” live.

Be sure to keep an eye out for what promises to be a great video to match a great song.

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