Kara Della Valle-New Artist

Kara Della Valle Releases EP, Glass. We were recently introduced to a fairly new artist. Kara Della Valle is a young, singer-songwriter trying to fulfill her dreams. And so far, she is doing a pretty good job. Kara has a solid following on YouTube with over half a million views on her original and cover songs. In November of 2012, Kara released her EP, Glass. The collection of 8 original songs is the follow up to her first independent album, Out Loud (released in 2011). Glass features a piano version of her popular song, “Tonight.” During the first week of sales, the EP charted in the Top 100 Country Albums of iTunes. Although she is having much success with her videos on YouTube, Kara is ready to hit the road and take the stage. “There are a lot of things you get to experience when you’re a musician and I think performing is my favorite. I’d love to go on tour and introduce people to my music.” Below is Kara’s new lyric video for “Without Him,” so take a listen and tell us what you think!