Taylor Swift Invites Teen to ACM Awards

>Taylor Swift Has Got Herself a Date to the ACM Awards.

Taylor Swift has invited fan, Kevin McGuire, to attend the ACM Awards with her! Kevin is an 18yr old from Somerdale, NJ, who is suffering from leukemia. Swift’s invite comes in response to the Facebook campaign created by McGuire’s sister. The teen hoped that Taylor would attend his prom with him, but in a post written by Swift, she stated that she couldn’t make it to the prom.

I think an invite to the ACM Awards in Vegas could just as easily lead to a night Kevin would cherish! Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of her music, you can’t deny that it takes a generous and cool person to invite a fan to an industry award show.

Taylor is currently nominated for three ACMs. Click here for the complete list.

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