Taylor Swift – Mine – Video

Taylor Swift shows a more mature side in her new video for Mine.

Taylor Swift depicts another scene from the modern-day princess fairytale in her new video for the already-hit single “Mine“. While the video will release next Friday, August 27th, sources say the video has a familiar theme. According to sources, the video follows Taylor through a romance, marriage and into a mothering role. According to the previews below, courtesy of CMT.com, it seems that source may be right!

And here’s the full video!

Taylor Swift – Mine – Full Video

“Mine” is the first single off Taylor’s new album, “Speak Now”. Taylor Swift fans can pre-order “Speak Now” on SpeakNow13.com or wait for the official commercial release on October 25th.

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  1. Well..I listened to the song with an opened mind on another site and…well…she still can’t sing. All of her songs sound the same and nothing has changed. I am sorry-more mature ears can tell the difference between actually singing as opposed to sing speak.