Taylor Swift’s Story of Us Video

Taylor Swift’s Video for The Story of Us Premiered.

Taylor Swift‘s latest video capturing her single “The Story of Us” was released Tuesday, May 24th on MTV. The video proves yet again that this country starlet has some depth. Maybe her lyrics are not dealing with ground breaking concepts or issues, but she definitely seems to consistently bring in a creative twist. The video context places Taylor in a library crowded with students, herself included complete with a pleated skirt, button-up shirt, tie get up and private school vibe, when she catches the eye of her ex. There are so many ways this video could go horribly wrong (may I bring your attention back to the pleated skirt ensemble?), but it doesn’t. It plays well depicting a realistic scenario with a subtly sarcastic and humorous tone. Admittedly, the video is a little all over the place, but that’s to be expected.

My favorite thing about this video is the ending, but I suppose I won’t give it away. I will just say, it’s quite different from “Love Story“.

Check the video out now!

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