Ten song topics every country artist MUST sing about

We all know the cliche’s about country music, but let’s poke a little fun at em anyway! 🙂

  1. Let’s start by professin’ our love for animals and sing about our pups. The Pirates of the Mississippi crooned on about feedin’ their boy Jake if they died, while Blake Shelton tricked an old red bloodhound to get addicted to the dirty in order to get em outta jail.
  2. Where would a country star be without their guitar? Ol’ Bocephus was definitely a guitar man, and now the kids are doin’ it to… Miranda Lambert sings about her new strings on her first album, Kerosene.
  3. Ah… but the love of a good woman.. Why Alan Jackson goes on and on about a woman’s love, while Brad Paisley tells us “she’s everything”.
  4. And then, for every woman in love, there’s got to be a woman scorned! Dwight’s got himself an intentional heartache, and who can forget the Dixie Chick’s revenge on Earl?
  5. Now to get yourself away from that feminine rage, you’ve got to have yourself a good truck. In Hillbilly Deluxe, Brooks and Dunn go on about their pickup truck, and there’s somethin women like about a pickup man according to Joe Diffie
  6. In times of panic (like when runnin away from said scorned female) it’s a good time to go back to your roots… the place you once called home. Rodney Atkins brags “these are my people”and Bucky Covington reminisces about a different world.
  7. Eventually you remember why you left in the first place and start dreamin of leavin that place for bigger and better things. The rise to stardom comes complete with a soundtrack. The Wreckers take pride in being one more girl on the stage (even though I counted two) and Toby Kieth’s got a whole album now of turnin into white trash with money.
  8. And speakin of white trash… how about that dirty girl, Terri Clark? Or our favorite redneck woman, Gretchen Wilson? Gotta love it when you’re proud of who ya are!
  9. After a long hard day’s work, everyone deserves a little party with their friends. Rascall Flatts kicks back with me and my gang, while Sugarland’s down in mississippi and up to no good.
  10. And I’ll leave this one up to you… the fans… what country song stereotype do you think needs to be listed?

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