The Band Perry: If I Die Young

Check out this live video from The Band Perry and their new single, “If I Die Young.”

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One Reply to “The Band Perry: If I Die Young”

  1. I chose the song “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. This song stood out to me because it is about death. Here are a few reasons why I believe this.
    I believe this originated from the Application Mountains, and I think it has a hint of Jazz and Blues. These all generated from the Folk music group. The three musical ancestry people I thought inspired the artist were Shania Twain, which she came from a country background. Whitney Huston, her music came from a Pop background. The final Genre was traditional and I chose the artist Rebah Macentire, because she sings this type of music. Through this song I found a few examples of postmodernism and modernism. One of the examples was that I shows universal and not personal. Proving this is when it says “if I die young”, this is a reoccurrence through out the song to remember how the people should act if they die. The second example is form. It shows emphasis on how they want people to act even if they die, to be happy and not sad. The third example is Depth, saying how they want people to barrie them when they die, telling them that they “should send them with the words of a love song”.
    Pooling all of these examples together I concluded that the message of this song is, not to be sad even if they die.